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creating A market disruptor

RIKON Power Tools, an experienced designer and manufacturer of woodworking equipment, and Striatech partnered to offer the first smart bandsaw, a product that would set RIKON’s already superior machines apart from competitors on a technical level.

In this short video, Joe Taylor, Vice President of RIKON talks about their 10-326 DVR Bandsaw and its intelligent features.

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How Was This A Success for Rikon?

RIKON saw the opportunity that Striatech’s intuitive digital variable reluctance (DVR) motors held, and decided to use it to improve their flagship product: the 14″ bandsaw.

The result was an acclaimed and award-winning machine that RIKON’s customers received very well, with highly favorable Internet reviews.

Not to mention a significant increase in market share and profits for RIKON from this product.



Where Is The Striatech Intuitive Motor Suitable?

Striatech’s smart technology powered by a micro-computer had already driven the transformation of other power tools, namely lathes, drill presses, and bandsaws turning them into market disruptors in the fields of wood and metal working.

We are constantly researching, testing, and putting pilot programs in place.

Air Handling

Fans are everywhere around us! Used to circulate air in rooms and buildings, for cooling and drying materials, or products; or in HVAC appliances for heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems.

Product Handling

Our motor systems are most efficient if they can communicate with each other and the applications they are powering, creating sustainable operations. In a warehouse setting, mounted on conveyor belts they will sense load, react and adjust the conveyor’s performance as well as prepare conveyors down the line.

Liquid Pumping

Striatech Systems are extremely suitable for pumps, be it for irrigation, compressors, sewage, or chemical movement. Our team of engineers has tested our motor systems in pool pumps and found that a customized Striatech system’s intelligence can bring huge advantages and smart features to this application, including at least 80% cost savings to the pool owner’s electric bill.


There is a large potential for winches to develop into a product superior to market standards when equipping them with a Striatech System. Besides significantly increasing efficiency, the system would award the application with tension sensing capabilities and fault detection, amongst many other features.

Home Appliances

Garage door openers, meat grinders, blenders, or washing machines. Striatech Systems can upgrade many home appliances to match the requirements for a smart home setting.


We pride ourselves in our wood- and metalworking roots. Lathes, Drill Presses, Bandsaws, Routers, and Multipurpose machines are just a small fraction of the applications that our technology has improved. The list of workshop applications that would benefit from a Striatech Intuitive System is long. The improvements it would bring to your workshop are unmatched intelligence, precision, sustainability, and power.


Why work with us?

Mainly, because we know exactly how!

A Simple Equation

Reliable, Well-Made Switched Reluctance Motors
Intelligent Motor Controller
Striatech Intuitive System

We could toot our own horn by mentioning our 20+ years of experience in the motor field.

We could pride ourselves in having perfected switched reluctance motors, a technology that for such a long time was met with market resistance because it could not be controlled.

We could brag with the 20k+ hours of research in the United States, New Zealand, former Soviet Union, and China. Or the significant number of motors sold in the last years.

We could simply share the percentage (0.001%) of motors failing inside the warranty period of 10 years (unheard of in the industry).

Yes, we could share all these success stories with you and rest our laurels, but we won’t leave it at that.

Because let’s be honest: We have made ALL the errors in the last 20 years and we learnt all the lessons.

If there is one thing we can guarantee, it’s that we have the expertise to build a motor for your specific application.


Every step along the way

Let's walk you through the process

First, we’ll have a chat and see if we can really help. Then we’ll do our due diligence to let you know exactly how our motor systems can improve your applications and if we are a good fit.

In the next step, we’ll establish the protocols, costs, variables and processes.

And in no time, you will have a superior product to start crushing your competition and dominate the market.

… it is as simple as that!


1. Rapid Prototyping Process

We will customize your motor system to fit your application.

2. Testing & Improving

We will develop the required firmware to load your product with unique, next generation features. We will then work with you to test the prototype and make final adjustments.

3. Delivery

We will work with your suppliers to bolt-on or integrate your new motor system into your application. Your new Striatech Intuitive Motor with possible quantities between 100 and 1 MM/annum is ready for production. 


Our Partners

What About Our Partners?

We work with a broad array of stakeholders and partners. From Universities in the United States and New Zealand, to successful wood – and metalworking corporations in the US and Europe, to established market players in the areas of air, materials, and fluid handling, as well as a network of 200+ dealers in the US that sell products equipped with Striatech intuition.

We are here to stay. And we are building things to last. Here are just a few of the products we provided solutions for. You can check their specific case studies on our website.



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Striatech Intuitive Motor System

The Striatech Intuitive Motor System is a composition of a durable and reliable Switched Reluctance Motor that is controlled by a micro-computer, embedded in a control box using a digital display and soft control pad. Decades of research and innovation, as well as trial and error in a large variety of applications have helped optimize Striatech Systems to operate highly energy and cost efficient and adding value to any motor driven application in form of dramatically improved vibration free and quite operation as well as smart and safety features.

Here at Striatech, we pride ourselves in our wood- and metalworking roots. Originally the Striatech Intuitive System was designed to revamp Lathes within the renowned Teknatool Nova brand, introducing unmatched performance, precision, user-friendliness as well as numerous safety features to a very outdated technology. Over the years we started equipping other power tools like Drill Presses, Bandsaws, Routers, and Multipurpose machines with our intuitive systems, all the while being painfully aware of the fact that power tools are just a small fraction of the applications that our technology can improve. Since our beginnings we have integrated our systems into a variety of applications outside the tool business, namely in the areas of air handling, liquid pumping, winches, home appliances and product handling, growing into a innovative motor solutions provider. 

No matter the application, our Striatech Systems are capable of driving down energy consumption and operating costs by up to 98% under no/light load and up to 50% under variable operating conditions, facilitating sustainable operations for our customers and adding the bonus of unseen smart and safety features depending on the application.

Our motors have no internal parts that make contact besides 2 bearings. There are no brushes or electrical connection to any moving parts, and no current flow to the rotor. This prevents the wear on the motor and results in a much longer lifespan. We are very confident in our motors as we have yet to replace one. Our Striatech motors have been in the field for 20+ years and we had virtually none of them fail.

We are therefore very confident that you will not have to replace your Striatech motor for at least a decade! A 10-Year Warranty is unheard of in the motor industry, as most induction motors have to be replaced within their first 5 years of operation. 

We additionally offer a 2-year warranty on the electronics in the Controller.

Frequently Asked OEM Questions

Please fill in the Striatech OEM Customer Specification Sheet and our team will contact you within 3 – 5 business days.

Once your first production batches (which usually require a minimum quantity depending on the application and type of motor required) have been deemed satisfactory we can ramp up production effortlessly and supply up to 1 million motors per annum.


We can alter the spindle in diameter, length, and form. We can provide different base speeds and adjust the mounting to your application. We can also customize firmware to match your requirements and add features to your application. These are the simple customizations that we offer for bolt-on motor systems.

When it comes to motor integration our team of engineers can work with you to customize housing or the HMI. We offer different screen sizes and touch screen options.

There definitely is. Several of our partners have taken advantage of this option to add another quick and easy income stream. While we are currently working with other customers to offer this option, you can already find retrofit motors for applications from RIKON, Shopsmith, and NOVA.

This very much depends on your project. If you only require a firmware update with a standard motor the development time can be as short as a couple of weeks. If bigger customizations are required, the process can take up to a few months. 

Depending on the application there are a lot of extra features that our intuitive Striatech systems would add.

The biggest and most essential benefit that the intuitive system will bring is large energy savings! The motor is also very quiet, so you can hear the work processes instead of loud motor noise, which helps with fault detection and makes it safer to use the application.

Striatech motor systems generally have more torque in smaller frames. Our motors are more durable, as we have no moving parts on the inside. This prevents wear and tear. We also use no rare earth magnets.

We are happy to go into more detail on what benefits Striatech Motor Systems will bring to your application if you fill in your specs in this motor datasheet.

Get A Quote and one of our engineers will get back to you within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions on Website Orders

Direct motor sales are currently dispatched from our Florida warehouse and can be sent to anywhere in the continental United States. Potential OEM customers can contact our team at info@striatech.com to obtain a motor sample based on their requirements and regardless of their location.

This very much depends on the application that you are planning on retrofitting our motor with. The general answer is that Striatech Systems can achieve energy savings up to 98% under no/light load and up to 50% under variable operating conditions.

You can find all relevant product information and product sheets in the respective product in shop. If you require any further information on one of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team at info@striatech.com

When ordering your motor on our website please download the Mounting Templates in downloads/templates in this link: 1-75-hp-motor to determine whether you are in need of B14 or NEMA frame.

Each winding speed represents a different torque curve to better suite your application.  We offer 3 standard ones for our 1250W motor. You can find this product information in the respective product section in shop

If you need a custom torque curve, please contact us with your requirements at info@striatech.com.

NEMA and IEC have industry standard for motor shafts and face mounting.  Please see out PDF drawings or CAD models for more information.  We can offer custom mounting solutions, please contact us with your requirements.

Our 750W and 1250W run at either 110VAC or 220VAC.  You can simply change the voltage by changing the plug.  There are no internal wiring changes required.  Our 2200W motor is strictly 220VAC.  Out controllers limit the current draw to 15A regardless of the voltage.

At this time, we don't recommend more than 2M distance. Customized motors can exceed this distance, however, for off the shelf sales we recommend to stay within the 2M.

At this stage, Striatech offers motors motors from 1 – 3 hp as off-the-shelf substitution motors.

For select OEM applications we have designed a fractional motor (60Hz) that we can further customize. We are very interested in working with an OEM to jointly develop a 10HP. If you have an application that would require a 10HP in higher quantities please do not hesitate to fill our customer specification sheet (Adrian insert link) and/or contact us directly at info@striatech.com



Awards and Success

Click On The Image To Check Rikon's Live Website

Some of the upgraded features added by the Striatech motors:

  • The ability to cut various materials with the same saw (such as wood, plastic, and metal) 
  • Variable speeds for different materials and cut types (rip, scroll, resaw, crosscut). 
  • A control sensors that can determine if there is excessive vibration, or a jam detected in which case the motor shuts down to prevent damages to the blade. 
  • The motor also operates very quietly which compared to standard models.
  • The operator was able to tell changes in the cutting sound which can indicate the necessity to adjust the speed to protect the saw blade. 
  • The 10-326 DVR 14” Deluxe Bandsaw can run the blade in reverse to clean itself. While Rikon has already programed their control panel with 15 helpful set speeds, the user can add further “friendly” speeds into their controller. 
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Unbiased end-user Reviews



Let Our Chief Engineer Review the Process

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Years Of Experience
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Motors Built
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Hours of research & Development

Here's Rikon's Perspective



Our Production Capabilities

  • Procedures and processes in place
  • Quality Control by Striatech staff at all stages
  • Striatech motors have a very low rate of failure (hence, we offer a 10-year warranty)
  • Electronics are diligently tested at Florida headquarters
  • Strong and lasting relationship with manufacturers
  • No use of rare earth magnets
  • Rapid ramp-up of quantities possible – from 100 units up to 1M units/year
  • LTL shipments available
  • Direct Shipments to your premises or manufacturer 

Despite Supply Chain Issues caused by Covid-19, our Engineers have strived to improve access to scarce electronic parts and have found reliable solutions.



Retrofitting Opportunities
For Old Products

RIKON took advantage of the opportunity to sell upgrade kits for its legacy bandsaws and created a new revenue stream from this process.



How Can Partnering with Striatech Increase your Revenue?

These are a couple of paths to success, that our OEM customers chose:

1. Go-to-market with a new, innovative, upgraded product (repeatedly a game-changer).

2. Extend the warranty of your product’s motor to 10 years (2 years for the electronics) – more happy customers!

3. Offer a retrofit motor system for previously released products (RIKON offered an upgrade kit as a supplementary revenue stream).

4. Reduce your overall costs (including freight, cost of repairs, handling of returns, etc).

5. Improve your brand’s quality and public perception.

6. Possibility to enhance pricing and engage your upper cohort of customers.

Retrofit Old Products

Reduce Costs

Better Quality Product

Extend Warranty


Now It's Your Turn!

Let's Start Our Journey Together!


Download the pdf Case Study

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