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​Striatech Motor Company Announces Breakthrough 1HP Smart Motor

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Striatech, the company behind the smart switched reluctance motor, has developed a 1 hp (750W) switched reluctance motor and dedicated digital control system, which is well-suited for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Inspired by the success of its higher-powered 1.75 hp multi-firing (MF) predecessor, this 1hp MF option features the intelligent control system that Striatech as been perfecting for more than a decade. This technology offers users a premium experience in applying the motor to their given application, with its simple interface, wide speed range from 50-5500 rpm, and smart features like a USB port and Wi-Fi connectivity.

“This technology is both highly intelligent and incredibly simple,” said Joel Latimer, president of Striatech. “Not only is the system easy to use, it’s also very powerful and efficient. Our team has been solely focused on perfecting switched reluctance technology, and the 1 hp motor is a wonderful example of how advanced Striatech’s motors are.”

Among its high-end features, the Striatech drive system comes with the motor and controller in one package. The easy-to-read user interface offers a variety of options for use, simple speed adjustments with the turn of a knob, and programming options that include stepper motor function.

This is the first motor in history to use an intelligent control system in this manner — where the motor actually “talks” to the internal micro-computer, constantly monitoring conditions and making appropriate adjustments. This computer monitors the rotor at all times, and it responds to load on the spindle by adding more power to the electric magnets that pull the rotor around. This gives it an edge on its competitors. This technology allows the motor to:

  • Be used more safely, as it can react to unexpected spikes in load;
  • Act more efficiently, as it only utilizes the power that it needs — save 50% energy over conventional motors;
  • Work more reliably, as it can maintain a constant RPM regardless of load.

Switched reluctance technology goes back to the 1800s but hadn’t been used to its full potential until Striatech developed an intelligent control system that allows for generating high torque at lower speeds with minimal vibration and incredible energy efficiency. Striatech motors have been found to be up to 50% more efficient than comparable AC motors.

The simplicity and sophistication of the switched reluctance motor cannot be overstated — the only wear items on the motor itself are the bearings. Apart from that, there are very few moving parts. Unlike other motors, there are no permanent magnets, brushes or commutators.

Striatech has been perfecting motor technology for more than a decade. These motors have been used throughout the US and the world, in a long list of applications, including:

  • Commercial and industrial power tools
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • HVAC systems
  • Theme park ziplines…

For more information about this exciting new release, contact Jen Greco at help@striatech.com

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